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Remodeling your kitchen is a little more complex than simply ordering a list of cabinets. We’ll guide you though from planning to completion, and every step in-between. The coordination of the products from many vendors, including appliances and fixtures in addition to your cabinets and counters requires attention to detail, and that’s where we shine.

In just about any major purchase that you’ll make in your life, you’ll find that the interest level from your salesman ends at the signing of the deal. With us, that’s just the beginning of our commitment. Once the wheels are in motion, there’s lots of behind-the-scenes work that’s necessary, but may not be visible. There’s the contact with the general contractor, the periodic visits to the jobsite to monitor progress and lend any technical assistance that the trades may need, legwork on specs from manufacturers, and lots of other “due diligence” before the delivery that will help keep surprises to a minimum during installation. All of this is something that you as the end-user shouldn’t have to worry about, but falls through the cracks in many projects because each hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Let us take this worry off the table.